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An updated version of the Phobos .component file is needed in order to use it in Logic and Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra).

Please replace the Phobos .component file in the following location: /Users/"username"/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components with the one attached to this article.

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Please note this is the User Library, not the System Library where most other plug-ins go. 

After quitting and opening Logic again, make sure you rescan for new plug-ins if this does not happen automatically.

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painted The Jigsaw Saw hand shoes handpainted Riddler Shoes 5qx6CwXIC
The Noir Desire customizes all kinds of fabrics: t-shirts, handbags, shoes and much more, creating unique and original products, hand-painted! We use colors for professional fabric of excellent quality and resistance to washing (the garment must be cold washed or not more than 40 degrees in the washing machine).

We manufacture our products, like this in photo, to order. Therefore, each size is available (even for children) just specify in the order or by message your size. We are also available to make orders on request: You can choose a design of your choice and we will will it on your desired head.

Here we propose Vans with design Saw The Riddler, for fans and great gift idea! The realization times for each garment range from two to three weeks. Therefore, before placing your order, consider the timing and if you need the product within a certain date, order at least one month before, especially if you are outside Italy. As soon as you place the order, I purchase the shoes and when I arrive at home (in 2-3 GG) I start the pencil drawing; Then I proceed with the color and it is here that you create the magic! And here your shoes are ready to be shipped. We offer a fast and traceable shipment!

For any information please do not hesitate to contact us.