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Nov 09 2017
Thursday, November 9, 2017
12:00pm - of Allstars new Brand Swarovski pair Converse embellished 4:00pm PST
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GEO Culture Workshop: Exploring Your Culture to Effectively Reach Your Mission


The GEO Culture Workshop: Exploring Your Culture to Effectively Reach Your Mission workshop has been cancelled and will be restructured into a shorter webinar to be held at a later date. Those that have already registered will be refunded for the ticket price.

We will follow up with the webinar information once the details have been confirmed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Leon at melissa@sdgrantmakers.org



    Grantmaking that truly supports nonprofits and the communities they serve requires a deep understanding of organizational culture and its connection to nonprofit success. But how we initiate conversations about culture within our organizations, and how we make the connection to our external work, is not always clear.

    Through individual reflection, peer coaching and small group discussion, this intimate, hands-on  workshop will help you understand and begin to assess your current organizational culture and how it impacts your effectiveness and the success of your nonprofit partners.

    Presented by GEO's Kristen Scott Kennedy and Emily Wexler, this workshop will allow you the opportunity to dig into a particular challenge you’re currently facing, share candidly and openly with peers, and help one another identify pathways forward. Beyond assessing and understanding your organizational culture, you’ll also identify several next steps you can take to shift unproductive culture or tend to productive elements of organizational culture.

    Workshop Objectives:



    Authentic Converse Allstars beautifully embellished by hand using a blend of clear Swarovski gems and other gems that are identical to the highest grade Swarovski gem in cut, shine, size and clarity. Even to a trained eye you literally cannot tell which gem is Swarovski and which is not. This blend is used in order to offer the best price imaginable.

    These shoes are truly a work of art when completed. Our technique has been honed to create a perfect seamless design to showcase the beauty and perfect design of the Converse Allstar. Every crystal is strategically hand placed to capture every detail of this shoe. You will be complimented more times than you can count everyday you profile this shoe.


    I can accommodate any request any size any color gem setting, any color Converse that you have in mind, get at me!!!!

    Because of the cost and labor for our custom Converse all sales are final. By purchasing your custom Converse through this website you are consenting to this return policy and agree that you may not return any of our products. ALL SALES FINAL!

    Made in Michigan. Ships to US and in the future will consider shipping worldwide. All items will be sent in a traceable form. Insurance is included.

    The prototype of these shoes have been worn for several hours straight, several days in a row to test the strength of the glue. Not one gem fell off while profiling at the mall for several hours. There is no threat that gems will fall off with normal use. However there are gems that will be included just in case they are needed. If a gem is needed simply dot the empty space with a spot of glue you have on hand preferably a glue that has a syringe tip and place the gem in the space and press firmly then allow the glue to cure overnight before wearing again. The glue you use is totally up to you because it's merely for tiny spots.

    Please be mindful that these sneakers should be kept far away from babies, toddlers and children that could pull the gems off and swallow thereby posing a choking hazard.

    Shipping is processed through USPS. The items usually take 1-4 business days to arrive depending on your destination. This estimated time does not include weekends and holidays. We ship to address stated in your account only. Please make sure your address on file is up to date. Any loss caused by incorrect shipping info is not any part of seller’s responsibility. Customers are requested that it should be notified as soon as possible about any transport damage or other directly and externally visible damage to products dispatched to the customer. Buyers are assumed full understanding and agreement of these terms and conditions.

    Warranty and Limitation: All Sales are Final and No refund is accepted. No refund for cancelation of any order. The method of decoration can result in individual stones breaking off, especially at certain exposed places such as corners, edges and projecting parts (e.g. antennae, certain keys) if the decorated product is subjected to considerable mechanical stress, for example if it falls onto or strikes hard surfaces or objects. It is in the nature of the products and work provided by the seller that the decorated surfaces thereby produced are less resistant to impact or shock or other substantial mechanical stresses than the original surface of the product purchased or supplied for subsequent decoration. Decoration of the products may possibly lead to the termination or invalidity of guarantees by the respective manufacturer of that product. The decoration of products can also lead to slight functional impairments (e.g. reduced transmitting and receiving performance, restricted accessibility and operability of control elements, reduced surface heat dissipation) compared with similar, non-decorated products. These limitations form part of the agreed condition of the products and work provided by us and does not represent a defect or any other defective performance on the part of the seller. For technical reasons the illustrations or our products and the work performed, as shown on the listings, together with other such illustrations, can only provide an approximate representation. In particular colors may differ considerably from those of the actual items, which may also be due to the individual settings of the customers computer and monitor, and, because of the use of crystals for decoration, to the particular lighting (daylight, artificial lighting etc.). Such deviations do not constitute defects in the products or the work performed.

    Buyers are assumed full understanding and agreement of the above terms and conditions.