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Features a full front-toe canvas print.

Elastic stretch in-step for easy on-and-off use.

The leather is very soft textile lining with lightweight construction for maximum comfort and will not ulcerate your feet and at the same time does not stretch.

Extremely durable. These sandals are designed for all-day walks. You will wear them the next 3-4 years

High-quality canvas construction for everyday use and durable EVA outsole for exceptional traction

They are classic black shoes that you will wear with your elegant dress, or any look that you desire. Additionally, the warranty for all of our products is one calendar year.

They are handmade ​​with lots of love and effort especially for you

Sandals Details:

Color - Black

Upper Materials: Leather

Inner Materials: Leather.

Shoes are Soft, lightweight, manufactured sole.

Heel height -2 cm / 0.78"

Available Size :

Place your feet on a piece of paper and draw the shape of your feet.

Use the drawing and measure the distance from the heel to the big toe.

Additionally, measure the part under the toe line for the width.

Please see an example on the picture above.

Then you will find your correct shoe size in the following table:

Children shoe sizes:

US 11 (CHILD) = UK 10 = EU 28 = 18 cm

US 11.5 (CHILD) = UK 10.5 = EU 29 = 18.5 cm

US 12 (CHILD) = UK 11 = EU 30 = 19 cm

US 13 (CHILD) = UK 12 = EU 31 = 19.5 cm

US 1 (YOUTH) = UK 13 = EU 32 = 20 cm

US 2 (YOUTH) = UK 14 = EU 33 = 21 cm

US 3 (YOUTH) = UK 15 = EU 34 = 21.5 cm

Men slip - on canvas shoe :

Men US 8 = EU 40 = UK 7.5 = 260 mm = 10.2 Inch

Men US 9 = EU 41 = UK 8.5 = 266 mm = 10.4 Inch

Men US 10 = EU 42 = UK 9.5 = 273 mm= 10.7 Inch

Men US 11= EU 43 = UK 10.5 = 280 mm= 11 Inch

Men US 12= EU 44 = UK 11.5 = 286 mm = 11.2 Inch

Men US 13= EU 45 = UK 12.5 = 293 mm = 11.53 Inch

Men US 14= EU 46 = UK 13.5 = 300 mm = 11.81 Inch

Women slip - on canvas shoe :

Women US 6 = EU 36 = UK 4 = 233 mm = 9.2 Inch

Women US 7 = EU 37 = UK 5 = 240 mm = 9.4 Inch

Women US 7.5 = EU 38 = UK 5.5 = 247 mm = 9.7 Inch

Women US 8 = EU 39 = UK 6 = 253 mm = 10 Inch

Women US 9 = EU 40 = UK 7 = 260 mm = 10.2 Inch

Women US 10 = EU 41 = UK 8 = 266 mm = 10.4 Inch

Women US 11 = EU 42 = UK 9 = 273 mm = 10.7 Inch

Women US 12 = EU 43 = UK 10 = 280 mm = 11 Inch

If you are not sure which size you are, please contact me for assistance.


We Offer FREE SHIPPING with all Slip-On all over the World

It takes 15-20 days to deliver with the standard shipping service and 10 days with the express-line shipping service


We do custom orders for bunions with a small addition which you can dream up, imagine - or whatever you like. Let’s describe your own idea and please contact me for more information.

we'll send you a mock up for you to approve. We can make as many changes as you want before printing.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question, I will be happy to help.

Thanks for visiting my shop.
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